About Us

Brought together by our love for math and education, we hope to share our passion with our students, inspiring them to develop their abilities in math and learning. Our exceptionally strong team can support students to go further in math and math competitions.

Our Instructors

Eddy Liu; Co-Founder, Head Coach
Master’s degree from University of Waterloo
Head Coach of Ontario ARML team, HMMT and other math teams. Eddy has always loved math, spending most of his high school years focusing on mathematics competitions and continuing this dedication throughout university. Eddy has helped to train Canadian students for the IMO and has further helped with many other national math competition activities. Eddy is a full time coach, training students for high level math competitions. Many of his students are national and international medalists, achieving honors in competitions such as COMC, AMC10, AMC12, MPFG,CMO, EGMO etc.
Dr. Franklin Pacheco; Coach
PhD in Mathematics, 40th IMO Medalist
Franklin has helped his nation’s IMO team many times. With many years of experience in mathematics teaching and mathematics competitions, he is one of the few top-level mathematics competition coaches who have participated in the IMO and continue to teach students at that level. At TTMath, Franklin teaches advanced courses such as CMO/USAMO as well as other competition courses such as Euclid and Gauss. The students in his advanced mathematics class are all mathletes competing at the national level and beyond.
Ms. Yang; Coach
Master’s degree from University of Ottawa, Bachelors of Science from University of Science and Technology of China
Ms. Yang is a math education specialist. Her son participated in the IMO for Team Canada beginning from grade 8 to grade 11, he achieved both IMO and IOI gold medals. We’re looking forward to his amazing performance in grade 12! Ms. Yang has a high degree of depth and breadth in teaching, and has taught competition mathematics courses such as AMC10/12, AIME and COMC for many years.
Sally Cai; Co-Founder, Instructor
Masters of Statistics and Bachelors of Math
Sally was born in the family of a math professor and grew up with a love for math. She began participating in math competition during high school and received many top awards. As a math professor and department head at a university in Beijing, Sally has a strong background in math education and math research. Currently, she is teaching and in charge of L1 and L2, which gives students a strong foundation for their math competitions.
Hao Ding; Instructor
Master of Science and Bachelor of Engineering Science from UofT
Mr. Ding loves math and participated math competitions in high school and won national prizes. He was a high school teacher teaching Math and Physics before joining in TTMath. Now a full time teacher at TTMath, Mr. Ding teaches and trains younger students, and many of his students are national and international top winners among math competitions for elementary students, such as Gauss, Math League, AMC8, Gray Jay, and more.
Dr.Arash; Instructor
PhD in Engineering
Dr. Arash has a deep understanding of the content of mathematics textbooks and has rich teaching experience. He has many years of experience as a mathematics department head teacher and as a university lecturer for both undergraduate and master students. At TTMath, Dr. Arash teaches L1 competition math and the high school enriched math curriculum. He has a passion for math and education, and he is very popular among kids.

Our Administration

Annie Cai; Co-Founder, Principal
Master of Economics
Annie has over 15 years of business analysis, management, and operation experience in large and profitable Canadian companies. She has been President of the Parent Board of a popular and well-known Ontario public high school and has a deep understanding of the education system. Annie’s passion for education and connection with students has helped many receive acceptances to top US and Canadian universities. Her experience and resources can especially help those pursuing math and math competitions to achieve their goals.
Jennifer Chen; Principal Assistant
Bachelor of Education
Jennifer has many years of experience in the field of education field in both Canada and China. In particular, her years of experience working in after-school and tutoring program allows her to fully understand the needs of parents and students and give them the best support. As a full time administration staff, Jennifer organizes the school’s daily management duties, and her contributions help to make TTMath the first choice for mathematics students and the home of mathletes.